About Arvind Achal


Arvind Achal, B. Tech., PGDBA is the Founder and CEO of www.arvindachal.com, a human potential development mission to help people believe in the possibilities of our times, inspiring them to dream big and go achieve their dreams so that they can fulfill all their positive desires and aspirations for themselves, their families and beyond.

Deeply passionate about serving others, Arvind is a life & business strategist, angel investor, peak performance expert, relationship coach, keynote speaker and podcaster, and one of the leading experts and teachers of the law of attraction, its profound impact and practical usage in people’s everyday lives.

Widely acclaimed for his expertise, influence and powerful teachings in human potential development area, Arvind has been invited to speak on various forums and shows across the continents from Asia to Europe to South America. 

Arvind is a firm believer in the power of this universe and says -  “Anyone can achieve anything and in any area of life with clarity, conviction and by following some simple laws of the universe” which is what he also brings out in his teaching and speeches.

He loves inspiring the youngsters and speaks at various institutes and colleges teaching them life, career and business lessons. His podcast 'Achieve Anything with Arvind' (formerly 'LiveLifeXXXL with Arvind Achal') is first of its kind in Switzerland. 

Also a staunch advocate of self-actualization of women, Arvind says - “The world is actually short-changing itself if anything comes in the way of letting half of its population truly realize its full potential.”

Based in Switzerland now, it has been an incredibly inspiring journey for him that started in a very small town in Northern India. After getting degrees in Engineering and Management, he performed various leadership roles for some of the biggest global corporates for nearly about two decades and over the years, he has inspired and helped tons of people identify and follow their passion. 

A thorough professional and a complete family man, he dons several hats effortlessly including a business leader, investor, sports & business programs presenter, accomplished stage singer, respectful son, loving husband, doting father of two kids, and a generous philanthropist.


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